About Stumptown

Blues is about storytelling. It draws on dialogue and music handed down from generation to generation, from musician to musician.

Stumptown performs less known material from the great blues musicians, along with originals and our own stories.

Stumptown blues is raw, it is passionate and it’s powerful.

If you ain’t tapping your feet and swaying your hips by the end of the first song, then someone should check your pulse.

Jump Blues was a turning point for music, it was the link between blues and rock’n’ roll. In the 1940s it spawned amplified four-piece bands, playing up tempo music that was loud, passionate and confronting. It was a new form of dance music that both black and white, young Americans called their own.

The Indi Bar, Bunbury

Stumptown breathes new life into an addictive, rhythmic sound that young Australians are rediscovering, nearly a century on.

Having debuted and won the Busselton inaugural Battle of the Bands, Stumptown now regularly plays most of the major music venues in Western Australia’s South West with scheduled performances at festivals that include Blues at Bridgetown and Gidgestock.

Stumptown jump blues is raw, passionate, confronting and it pumps. 

March 2019, with the great Roy Payne

Martin Boyd pulls the big wires, Rod McCosker, pounds the skins, (he’s the youngster of the bunch). Ron Kinson is an extraordinary guitar player, with delightful silky guitar skills and front man, ‘Hound Dog’ Dave Bassett provides the gravel edged vocals and a screaming blues harp that will transport you back 80 years to the roots of the American blues.

Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival, 2021

The musical legacies of Slim Harpo, Howlin’ Wolf, Snooky Pryor, Willie Cobbs, Elmore James, Son House, Jimmy Rogers and many more blues legends are bought back to life with all the fire and passion of a preacher from the deep South.

Stumptown has performed at over 50 venues in the last 12 months including road trips to Northampton, Geraldton and Esperance, playing the Perth Blues Club, West Coast Blues Club, South West Blues Club, Blues at Bridgetown, Rottnest Island and numerous venues around the South West. Their first album The Covid Collection has sold out and now You Got To Pay is their latest release.

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